Unethical Reporting

1 11 2011

20th October, 2011 -Topic of the day, ‘Journalism Lab’. Today also, i am punctual in time, 10am in the class.

Dr. Joanne started the slides…with writing for the media – with some legal and ethical framework: challenges and opportunities..which is defamation and  privileges.

According to Dr. Joanne in her explanation, a malicious defamation expressed either by printing or by sign, pictures or the like tending to blacken the alive and therapy exposing him to public hatred. The discussion continue to defenses against libel: truth, privilege and fair comment.

Speaking on Fair comment, it is a crucial defense against libel suits which is put up by members of the media..in some short of ‘Malice’ or ‘Actual Malice’ on unethical reporting from Journalist could damage other career such as The resignation of the Prime Minister.

“There are two problems…how far back do you go is one and the other is with a conflict like this, nearly every single fact is disputed…I have to, as a journalist, make a judgement…I know it’s a question of interpretation so I have to say what both sides think and I think sometimes that stops us from giving the background we should be giving” (comment taken from a longer quote in PHILO and BERRy, 2004:p-245)

I would like  to take some example of unethical reporting by CNN reporter, Amber Lyon and bias in media by Bernard Goldberg.

Most of bias occurs in the mainstream media comes from stories that are not covered, and the terminology used. Journalist ignores balance story and bias in news stories. The 2002 Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist Bernard Goldberg who works at CBS Network views bias as a liberal bias. Goldberg who have published “Bias: a CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distorts the News”, bias is the case that the media’s tilt is not the product of a left-wing conspiracy but the result of like-minded people being attracted to the same profession and reinforcing their existing views and values. Source Links: http://www.nieman.harvard.edu/reportsitem.aspx?id=101527; http://www.life.org.nz/euthanasia/euthanasiamediakeyissues/biasinreporting/

Another example of unethical reporting is CNN Amber Lyon who calls herself an Investigative Journalist as reported by Steve Farnsworth in his blog published September 11, 2010. According to Steve, Amber filed a story that accused Craigslist of failing to properly flag an adult service’s ad as child prostitution. Ads they had promised to manually screen. According to Amber one slipped by. An ad she wrote and posted. This “failure” was the basis of an interview with Craigslist’s founder Craig Newmark while he was at an event at George Washington University (Source Links: http://stevefarnsworth.wordpress.com/2010/09/11/was-cnn-reporter-amber-lyon%E2%80%99s-reporting-unethical-or-pandering/.




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