Citizen Journalism by Dr. Anderson

2 12 2011

10.45am -Thursday (November 24th, 2011)

I came around 11am. While i receive Dr. Joanne messages via mobile phone, i was driving along the road to the UPM campus, as usual attending my class. However, after i receive Dr. Joanne messages, i still in the road and quiet jam during that time along Sungai Besi highway to UPM.

Frankly speaking, our discussion today replacement lecturer by Mr. Anderson is ‘Thinking about citizen journalism’ by Lewis, Kaufhold and Lasorsa. The other topic is New blogs related to the earlier topic. I was blur when Mr. Anderson asked my class to read and give some comment on it. Although, it is possible to give some point of critical views on that articles, but i manage too from my own understanding which i only read two paragraph (introduction), gatekeeping in the digital age, i manage to read until results..Thinking About Citizen Journalism. For News blogs written by Dr. Axel, i only read in page 1.

Very interesting also when Dr. Anderson sharing some new idea in journalism as well as his interest in Photojournalism…his thesis presentation on His Community of Ethnic Iban at a Long house, somewhere Sibu division, in Sarawak.  We were watching video on his project video, modelling, magazine covers, beautiful girls picture he took for his project…




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