Social Networking

2 12 2011

Late – 10.30am  – Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Today, i learn a lot of think about social networking. Yes, we were always or most of us frequently use facebook or twitter in our daily life. But we do not know much about other social networking like WEB 2.0Lanscape is for producing news, but WEB 1.0 is for public user.

During our class discussion with Dr. Anderson on the Dec, 24th, 2011, we can’t watch the video. So do, today as Dr. Joanne said,the video for discussion next week.

I seldom open my facebook account. I do not have twitter but i have at least 5 blogs since 2000 but even one can’t maintain it because too busy with jobs as a broadcast journalist. Furthermore, as a full-time of UPM Master of  Science Journalism student…

I learn a lot of information and sources, a new for me, although i had attended of journalist courses, seminar and workshop but not that i learn on Dr. Joanne discussion today. These are a new think for me like innit, Pligg, MyCen News, blog aggregation. Google maps are not new for me because Google is very useful for any journalist who want to go to the event which he do not know the way to isolate place or venue.





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