Anna’s story

31 10 2011

13th October, 2011

Today, i start my class at 10.30am instead of 10am…late!!!! beside not feeling well, it is too tired, stress in work place…and ….while wake-up this morning, i feel like…lazy to go for class…at last, i make up my mind that class is more important than my tiring…

Our topic of the day today is Crowd Sources..but i begins with a famous reporter, Elizabeth Cochrane written by Nellie Bly’s Book..a story on woman journalist -around the world in 72 days..

It is an information for the public…says Dr.Joanne at her presentation¬† today.¬† The topic include..use accident of event, traffic jam-man on the street…she continue to the techniques for effective interviews..(13 technique)..

“the finished product may be a of writing that you craft, piece but the material a result of the interviews you conduct”…

Our last topic today is Events with 3 categories – stage, spontaneous (disaster) and mix event.

While our discussion is about crowd sources, i remember a quote Fred Inglis (2002) sites Martha Gelhon’s article on the surrender of German Troops in 1945 as an example of great journalism.. as he wrote; “Journalism which does exactly what journalism should, is truthful, faithful to the facts, bearing witness of human actuality to those who could not moral judgement. Doing so, it becomes art (2002, p. 3; Harrison, 2006: p. 12)

Speaking on the Crowd Sources today, i would like to relate it in a human interest story, Anna..a Filipino girl. Crowd sources ..where i found a similar stories from other web sites …about young girls has been forced becomes prostitute…because of Human Smuggling and Trafficking…

A story of Anna, a Filipino girl who has been forced becomes prostitute after been promised a job as a waitress aired on Aug. 8, 2007 on Dateline NBC. It is good that the NBC is not reveals her identity. The NBC also provide link as sources easier for readers to know more about her story. The writers also has transcript Anna conversation during the interview so that whatever Anna words (mostly sad story) would attract more listeners and readers to read and watch at NBC Dateline news stories

Links and Source:

175 Pinoy human trafficking:

Basilan conflict may worsen human trafficking: